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Promotion for Oxivir Tb Wipes SKU 4599516 is limited to purchases of Diversey Item 4599516 compared to prior year for the same period.

  • A minimum of 25 cases of incremental purchases is required during the promotion period to be eligible. 
  • Quantity will be compared to 4599516 cases invoiced the same months in 2020.
  • Credits will be issued based on incremental cases purchased through the promotion period.
  • Credits will be issued September 2021 and will be valid through October 31, 2021.
  • Credits can be used on Diversey products ($2.50 per incremental case), and bonus credits are available ($5.00 per incremental case) for Diversey UV Products including MoonBeam™3, or SKY 7Xi disinfection technology.

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